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Blog Tour: KILL ME GOODBYE, by A. K. Reynolds

I’m thrilled to take my turn on the blog tour of Kill Me Goodbye, organised by Random Things Tours on behalf of Dark Edge Press. Thank you for my spot on the tour and a copy of the book in exchange for my honest review.

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Tour Calendar for Kill Me Goodbye


Some secrets are worth killing for.

Jo Finnegan is leaving work one evening when she’s attacked and threatened by a criminal gang who want information from her – information she doesn’t have.

After a desperate struggle Jo escapes.

When she gets home, Jo finds her sister dead in her front room. Jo’s wife has gone missing. While Jo is still in shock from what she’s seen, the police arrive and arrest her. Jo realises she’s been framed for her sister’s murder, but that’s only the beginning of her nightmare . . .

My Review

Barrister Jo Finnigan is attacked by a gang searching for something that they think she has. When they realise she can’t help them, she is of no further use to them. Her only means of escape is her car, which has fatal consequences, just not for her. She arrives home to find her wife missing and her sister dead. Murdered. When she heard the sirens approaching, she knows she has been set up.

I was unaware of A. K. Reynolds, or the fact that the initials are for the husband and wife writing duo Andy and Kath Reynolds. If they write other books even half as well as Kill Me Goodbye, I’ll read them all. As it is, I’m their newest fan.

The style of writing had me hooked before I was even half way through chapter one. The story was both fast paced and compelling, making the read very exciting.

I liked Jo straight away; clever, quick thinking, determined, and one tough cookie. It’s refreshing to see such a strong female lead character in an otherwise male dominated genre. Other characters were likeable, or not, although the story wound around so many twists and turns that I couldn’t tell from one moment to the next who to trust.

Overall, this book is brilliant, and you would be doing yourself a disservice by not reading it. Would I recommend it? In a heartbeat! Already a contender for my 2022 top twenty. I gave Kill Me Goodbye, by A. K. Reynolds, five stars.

Meet The Author

A K Reynolds is the pen name used by husband and wife writing team Andy and Kath Reynolds. Kath doesn’t care for publicity, so only Andy is pictured.

Kath provides the ideas for their stories and writes the thought processes of their fictional characters. Andy does most of the plotting and writes the action scenes.

As to their backgrounds, Kath has worked in a women’s refuge and latterly as a consultant; Andy is a former lawyer.

Very Nearly Dead, a domestic noir thriller with a woman at its centre, is their debut novel. They plan to write many more. Andy Reynolds writes Literary Fiction using the pen-name Andrew Komarnyckyj. You can find it here:

Praise for Andy’s work writing as Andrew Komarnyckyj: ‘Layer-upon-layer of literary jabs, clever writing, and stuff that’s so laugh out loud funny I found myself wishing I’d thought of it first.’ – John Llewelyn Probert, Winner of 2013 British Fantasy Award

‘Like a new Confederacy of Dunces for a contemporary Grub Street…a great novel’ – The Manchester Review Of Books

‘A landmark read for me….absolutely hilarious’ Des Lewis, author and Gestalt Reviewer

Andy Reynolds has written a pulp thriller and a number of other novels using the pen name Jack D Mclean. You can find him and his work on Amazon UK here:

Where To Buy

These links are a convenient way to buy the book online. For print copies, please consider supporting your local bookshop.

Amazon UK Kindle


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